Closing Checklist

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close down list:


- check bins around the park, if full empty & put bin bags in the water house (empty liquid from bin bags & double wrap if very full) 

- ensure water tanks are full 

- fill up chocolate powder, marshmallows etc, collect more from water house if needed 

- re stock ALL milks if possible


- re stock cans / juices etc


- wipe down the shelves & syrup bottles

- put coffee cleaner into the machine, flush through, put the coffee heads into the big jar to soak in cleaner & hot water 

- switch off the coffee grinder & brush down / clean area 

- clean / polish machine & drip tray 

- wipe down all the jugs & utensils and hang up

- wipe down all surfaces with disinfectant included handles 

- wipe down fridge / freezer

- empty waste bucket at the end of the day so it’s empty for the morning

- empty any bins in & around the box if needs be

- brush & wipe floor 

- turn lights off fridge, fairy lights, heater etc 

- take ipad to water house to charge 

- lock up